Welcome to our online charity dressage show!

To take part. all you will need is:

  • A copy of the dressage test

  • An arena or flat surface with letter markers. Either 20x40 or 20x60 (check the test for the correct size)

  • A good quality mobile phone or video camera

  • Someone to film your test

  • A wifi connection to upload your test

Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 18.30.13.png

Once you're ready:

  • Enter a class 

  • Make yourself familiar with the rules

  • Learn the test or arrange to have a caller 

  • Ask a friend to film you while you ride the test.

Filming your test

  • Film from C, where the judge would be

  • Film only in landscape, with your phone sideways

  • You must record sound

  • Before you start your test, introduce yourself and your horse. The person filming can do this for you

  • Avoid too much zooming in or out 

  • Try to keep the horse and rider in the centre of the frame

  • Start filming before the horse and rider have been introduced and finish as they exit at free walk on a long rein.

Uploading your test

Upload your video by the closing date

You can send your video to us by:​