What do I need?

* A copy of the dressage test

* An arena or flat surface either 20x40 or 20x60 (check the test for the correct size)

* Video camera/phone and someone to film your test

* Internet connection

I don't live in the UK, can I still enter?

Yes! The competition is open to everyone and not limited to UK riders

How do I enter?

* Click here to enter a class

* Ask a friend to film you while you ride the test

* Send us your video via the video upload page

How do I film my test?

* Film from C, where the judge would be

*Sound must be recorded

* Avoid zooming in or out

* Keep the horse and rider in the centre of the frame

* Start filming before the horse and rider are introduced and finish as they exit at free walk on a long rein

* Film in landscape, turn your phone sideways

How do I upload my entry?

Upload your photos/videos by the closing date indicated on the schedule.

You can get your dressage test to us in one of four ways:

* Upload via the submission form

* WhatsApp the video to +447932014418

* Upload to YouTube and e-mail the link to

* Email your video to

What happens once I've uploaded my test?

* When your entry has been judged we'll send you an e-mail with a link to  your score sheet

*Scores will be posted online within seven days of the competition closing 

*Rosettes are posted within a week of the competition closing. Please allow seven working days for your rosettes and prizes to arrive.

Can I enter more than one class?

*Yes you can enter more than one class!

*Horse and rider combinations may not enter a dressage class more than one level below their highest entry in any competition class, e.g. a horse and rider combination competing at Novice level may not enter an Introductory competition class.

What are the rules?

* No martingales or bits that don't conform to British Dressage rules

* Gloves must be worn

* Horse and rider combinations may not enter a competition class more than one level below their highest entry.

* Sound must be recorded to ensure competitors are not receiving coaching during their test.

*Entry fees will not be refunded once an entry has been accepted.

* Further entries and videos may be submitted in a class once an entry has been judged and the score displayed. This will be at a further entry fee. In those cases, only the highest scoring entry will be shown and counted for a prize or rosette. Each entry must be a different video of the test being ridden.

* Any rider is free to register and enter the competition and  * Juniors aged under 16 years must have parental permission.

* Entry fees: Entry fees for classes are shown in the schedule. Pricing may be subject to change.

* Video quality: If the quality of a video is considered too poor to be judged, the competitor will be given the opportunity to submit a new video without charge.

* Refunds will not be made except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Equilens. 

* Late entries: The closing date for the competition is indicated on the schedule. After the closing date entries and videos cannot be received

* Dress can be informal but tidy, if a show jacket or hacking jacket is worn, then the horse or pony must wear boots or bandages to clearly demonstrate that the test has not already been judged.

* Riding hats must be worn. BSI Standard hats or other such protective headwear is strongly advised and compulsory. * Suitable footwear with a heel and gloves must be worn for safety reasons.

* Gloves must be worn.

*Snaffle bridles should be used

*Nosebands must be worn, a drop, cavesson or flash with a snaffle

* Other tack: martingales, side, running or elasticised reins may not be used.

* Neck straps or balancing straps (a loop on the front of the saddle) may be used.

* Boots or bandages are allowed to be worn.

* Spurs and a whip may also be used

* Callers may be used

*Trot sitting or rising (or a mixture of both) may be ridden 

* Tests will be judged according to British Dressage rules

* Videos of tests must not be entered if they have already been judged in another competition. For this reason if competition clothing is worn, then the horse or pony must wear boots or bandages.

* The person filming must stand behind C.

* Judges decisions are final. Any objection or appeal regarding a score must be made in writing within 24 hours of the test being judged.

Image by Marylou Fortier